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Equine Therapy

Horse Supported Counseling, Learning, and Growth.
( aka, EAP, EAC, EAT
, HAT, EFP )

The Gypsy Horses of A Wizards Spell Ranch in Burleson, Texas
have an exceptionally astute, sensitive, calm, smart, and loving nature.
Because of this they provide immediate feedback.
If you are a member of our military suffering from PTSD, TBI, MST, stress/anxiety, family issues,
stressed, unhappy, angry, feeling grief or lack of self-esteem,
having personal or family issues, or work life issues, the horses will provide you an opportunity
 to develop insight into your particular challenge and take control of it.
Due to their ability to act a a biofeedback machine, you cannot fool a horse.

Join other veterans, spouses, and their families
along with an Equine Specialist, Counselor, or peer-to-peer support group and of course,
the Gypsy Horses to see if there can be a difference in your life.

How This Works

There are many fine equine therapy programs that address the
physical needs of clients through riding, driving, vaulting.
That is not the focus of this program.

This is:
Horse Supported Counseling
- and -
Horse Supported Learning

Horse Supported Counseling
There is nothing new about "therapy animals".
We just aren't using a dog, cat, or dolphin in our program.
The successes of animal assisted therapy have long been discussed.
Horses have always been the prey, not the predator.  This has made them extremely sensitive to changes in human behavior.  Horses react to people based on their emotional state which can also impact our physiology.  Because of this, the therapist can be provided with an abundance of information and provide skill building opportunities during a session.  The field of using horses to support emotional growth is rapidly growing. Since much of the Horse Supported Counseling involves non-verbal communication it is possible to build skills in problem solving, emotional growth, team work, building confidence, relationship building. This program is very effective for marriage counseling, family counseling, trauma, stress, anxiety, cancer survivors and their families, and also particularly effective for adolescents, to name a few.

This program involves a Licensed Therapist/Counselor, a Horse Specialist, and of course a Gypsy Horse or multiple Gypsy Horses. If you have a counselor you are working with, please have them contact us.  If you do not, we have an in-house Licensed Counselor who you can visit with for an evaluation.

Quiet Zen 2 year olds on a Sunday afternoon.

Horse Supported Learning

Horse Supported Learning is similar to the above program, but the focus is on educational, learning and empowerment goals. This might be used by a corporation trying to encourage and grow team work and develop strong work ethics within their group. This can make your working unit more cohesive as they will develop a sense of working together towards a common goal with these sessions. These sessions are particularly effective in building confidence and developing relationships.  Those who might benefit from this program also would be leadership skills for schools, developing confidence against bullying, or resilience for returning military warriors., empowering women in the workplace, teaching bedside manner to medical students, to name a few.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Counseling and Learning programs using horses provide the person an opportunity to learn about themselves and others by participating in activities that are fun and effective.  A horse brings an entirely new energy to a session after which behaviors, feelings, and patterns are discussed.

Sessions often result in rapid breakthroughs with the horses as your partners.
Watch the empowerment you can receive from the horses.


To see examples of another program in Tucson, Arizona that we particularly
agree with, please visit :
presented by Dr. Allan J. Hamilton, Chief of Neurosurgery
 at University of Arizona Health Sciences Center
-- and --
Dr. Jane F.  Hamilton, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist  & Psychotherapist

You might also enjoy Dr. Allan Hamilton's book
Zen Mind, Zen Horse: The Spiritual Lessons Horses Bring to Life
Storey Publishing, 2011


To see how our Gypsy Horses might be beneficial to your needs,
please email or call us to discuss what we can do for you
or how we might form a program to suit your needs.
We're here to help.