Surmounters of Texas, Inc.
A 501(c)3  Texas Non-Profit Corporation
Equine Therapy

Horse Supported Counseling, Learning, and Growth.
( aka, EAP, EAC, EAT
, HAT, EFP )

The Gypsy Horses of A Wizards Spell Ranch in Burleson, Texas
have an exceptionally astute, sensitive, calm, smart, and loving nature.
Because of this they provide immediate feedback.
If you are a member of our military suffering from PTSD, TBI, MST, stress/anxiety, family issues,
stressed, unhappy, angry, feeling grief or lack of self-esteem,
having personal or family issues, or work life issues, the horses will provide you an opportunity
 to develop insight into your particular challenge and take control of it.
Due to their ability to act a a biofeedback machine, you cannot fool a horse.

Join other veterans, spouses, and their families
along with an Equine Specialist, Counselor, or peer-to-peer support group and of course,
the Gypsy Horses to see if there can be a difference in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is this different from the equine therapy riding stables I have seen ?
This program does not provide "physical therapy", it provides for the emotional and mental health portions of life using your reactions with horses strictly on the ground.  There is NO riding involved in this program.

2. This sounds weird. I don't get how a horse can help me.
Because horses have always been a prey animal (sometimes because horses are big people assume the horse is the "chaser", but the horse is the one who runs away) they have a built in extra sensitive nature to changes in human beings.  The use of therapy animals is definitely not something new. Dogs, cats, and even elephants have been used for eons.

3. I don't know how to ride.  I am afraid of horses. Is this safe ?
There is no riding involved in this program. You do not even have to touch the horse if you don't feel comfortable. There is no pressure to do so. A horse will react to you whether you touch it or not.  Of course we believe that your fear will disappear and be replaced by different feelings, but again, that is up to you to decide when or if you interact with the horse by touching at all.

4.  I have a Licensed Counselor I am using.  How does this work ?
I do NOT have a Counselor I am using but would like to find out more about this program
f you have someone you are currently in Counseling with, invite them to contact us here and see how we might set up a program for you to work with them with the horses at the ranch.  If you do not have someone you are working with but think you could possibly benefit from what is available, we have an in-house Licensed Counselor who completely understands the benefits of Horse Supported Counseling and who can provide an initial consultation.  Debra's info is available through the link on the left.  Or email or call for more info.

5.  I have some things that are not quite right in my life but not sure if I actually need "therapy / counseling ".  How can I find out more about whether I am a candidate for this program ?
Most people have something in their life from time to time that isn't quite the way they want it.  Or they are stuck on something. Our program here gives you an opportunity to see how you might address those things concerning you.  You can come out for a session demonstration and you can meet with our in house counselor if you like and see what you decide.

6.  I would like to have members of my corporate staff come out to be better team members.  Would this work for us ?
Team building is one of our strongest areas of success. Whether it be corporate or marriage or family issues, all of these can receive feedback from the horses.

7.  Will my insurance pay for this ?
Some insurance companies do provide mental health coverage.  Our Counselor would provide you an invoice and you would submit it to your insurance provider depending on your coverage.

8.  What are the costs of these sessions ?
We have both group rates and individual rates.  We don't feel that the typical "one hour session" works best with our program.  We try to provide a two hour block of time with some flex in between if needed.
A two hour session for one individual would include time with your Counselor before interacting with the horses and again after.

Group rates are available depending on the number of people ( typically 4 - 6 ) and the amount of time or project we are working on for you.  A group rate can be from $100 - $125 -$150 per person. Or again, a package rate can be created.

Other programs will happily be created to fit your needs.  Just contact us so we can make suggestions.